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Washing is based upon incoming weight. We use a specialized washer with very slow cycling to care for your fleece and prevent felting. $4.50/lb. per wash

Processing fees based on clean fiber weight


This includes picking (opening) fiber and up to two passes through the dehairer. If fiber requires an additional pass due to excessive VM, there will be an additional charge of $5.00/lb. $11.00/lb.


This includes picking, dehairing and carding.
Please specify batts or roving.


Bulky Weight $20.00/lb.
  DK & Worsted $21.00/lb.
  Sport Weight $22.00/lb
  Fingering Weight $23.00/lb.


Skeins wound to specifications 3.50/lb

Spinning prices include all steps necessary to produce and steam a 2-ply yarn. Three-ply yarns can be made for DK, Worsted and Bulky only, for an additional $1.00/lb. Weight loss will vary depending on cleanliness and type of fiber. Yarn will be put up on cones unless skeins are specifically requested.

  1. Please do not use cream rinse or conditioners if you wash your own fiber as this gums up our equipment.

  2. We reserve the right to re-wash any fiber at our discretion. We will contact you prior to doing this, of course.

  3. Please remove all dung tags, VM, sticks or other foreign debris, heavily matted fiber and second cuts. Second cuts may be processed separately for many uses. If you would like help determining how much to skirt please contact us. Wed be happy to help determine how best to process your fleece.

  4. If you would like to see what each machine will be removing from your fiber, let us know and well bag it up and send it with your final product. Unless otherwise instructed, we do not return "waste" back to you.

  5. Blending is a separate process usually done at the picker. However, depending on the effect you desire, blending can take place elsewhere in the process. For information about the specific types fiber we have available for blending, please contact us at 608-543-3933 or email

All prices are subject to change without notice.  In the event of non-payment or failure to make suitable arrangements within 30 days after notification that your order is complete, the processed fiber becomes the property of the Argyle Fiber Mill as agreed liquidated damages.  Last updated:March 25, 2011.